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sponsored by wpbt >> susie: good evening, everyone. the u.s. financial markets were closed to mark independence day. so tonight we'll take a break from our usual reporting to take a look at the state of the economy and the markets at the year's half-way point. >> tom: susie, it's often said that the financial markets hate uncertainty and over the past six months, there was plenty of uncertainty about where the economy was headed. there was even some talk about the possibility of a double-dip recession. >> susie: and as midwest bureau chief diane eastabrook reports, the lack of clear economic signals made it hard for many businesses to plan ahead: >> reporter: kidsnips gives a lot of haircuts. it's a business that operates nine hair styling salons in the chicago area, catering mostly to children. but last year, kidsnips took a haircut itself-- a financial one that is. when the u.s. economy blew up, kidnsips' business did, too. owners kim stolz and jill gordon say cash-strapped customers got fewer haircuts. they bought even fewer of the toys and games kidsnips also sells. this year b
at the u.s. justice department from 2000-2006. currently senior director for mississippi river and east coast center for rivers and deltas, part of the environmental defense fund, senior direct there are. and as we look at restoration, mr. harrison, what's the prescription from your area? if you don't quite know how bad it is yet, how are you going to get your head around how to restore things? what's your process going to be? guest: well, one of the things that people need to remember about the louisiana wetlands in particular and the gulf of mexico is that these are places where environmental damage has been happening for the past 80, 100 years. you can take the louisiana wetlands, for example, because we made some decisions on how we manage the mississippi river, the wetlands are actually the delta of the mississippi river. this is where the river comes down, it's draining 41% of the united states, it's eroding all that land and sediment. and it buills this land mass, where new orleans sits. it's where the fishing communities are. and it's an ongoing battle between the gulf of mexico
until i have confidence that u.s. taxpayer money is not being abused to line the pockets of corrupt afghan government officials, g drug lords and terrorists. can you respond, first of all, to the allegation that people with political connections are getting off? >> that's not true. we have prosecuted a number of high ranking officials in the afghan government. that process will continue. every government official, high ranking official is now required to -- there's a lot of misinformation. for instance, that report by nita lowey tt came out was related to the flow of cash out of kabul airport. the fact is that out of the $19.6 million that the united states is giving to afghanistan in the past three years, only $1 billi billion, 5% of the money has been given to the afghan government. there is waste. there is corruption. but a lot of it has nothing to do with the afghan government. it is the -- >> what's worrisome, i think, to congress, to americans, is that it's not, oh, there's corruption in government. because governments do have their corruption parts. it's that the president
margin cars made in the u.s.a. outpaced imports in terms of quality. but have the car companys' images improved? us automakers finally listened. consumers seem to be shifting their views about buying american. "cadillacs are awesome. i mean my next car is a cadillac. reporter: and you are driving what right now? a lexus. this is a great car for as long as i have had it don't get me wrong, but cadillac is putting out a great car right now. and, yeah, i will go back to buying american." "we now have people thinking i want to buy american." david koehler, marketing professor at the university of illinois at chicago believes american automakers are doing a better job of keying in on what consumers want. "i think that as for becoming more fuel efficient, environmentally friendly, it's becoming better." "would you buy an american car? do you think the quality is getting better? i do, i do feel like the quality is getting better. especially now that taxpayers bailed them out. they were forced to." koehler agrees bailout money sparked u.s. automakers to improve quality. ford did not take the
we'll have that whole interview for you. first eric shawn and brand-new reporting. the u.s. commission of civil rights is demanding answers into why the decision was made to drop a high profile voter intimidation case against members of the new black panthers after it had already won. tomorrow the commission will hear from j. christian adams, that man right there, a doj attorney who quit his job and turned whistle belower -- whistle-blower over the handling of this case. he told us last week that soupb is lying about the reasons why charges were not pursued under the leadership of attorney general eric holder. it started after this video cause shot outside a philadelphia polling station on election day in 2008. new black panthers party members, one with a night stick glaring at voters. in one case allegedly tried to keep people out of the following place. eric shawn is live in our new york newsroom with the new details. >> reporter: he was a justice department lawyer in the voting rights division, that is the unit that is supposed to protect the rights of voters across the
legality and international norms. >> the u.s. wants these vital allies in the region to patch up their differences. american pressure is certainly being felt, but for turkey is hard line stance and it is winning fans and the middle east. >> israel definitely violated international law and violated the lives of those peaceful protestors who showed solidarity with the people of gaza. to break the siege that is called declared to be illegal -- >> turkey has a lot to lose from a complete break with israel. its armed forces would have to find new sources for much of the sophisticated equipment it uses against kurdish militants. but a biggest -- the biggest cost is playing the role of the regional power. a role that depends on it being able to talk to everyone. >> israel today has set out new rules governing the gaza blockade. the prime minister is about to start a visit to washington and president obama has long been urging israel to lift the blockade entirely. israel is not doing that, but its new list will specify the items not allowed in. restrictions have been lifted on food and c
there and how will that impact the timetable for u.s. troop withdrawal? jon: bottom box, live in new york, just one of the cities where the heat is on big time, the northeast looking at triple digit temps. how long will this heat wave last and how long can you stay safe and cool during this summer sizler? >>> a new leader taking charge of the war in afghanistan. general david petraeus, formally assuming command, telling the 130,000 international troops you said his command, we are in this to win. petraeus, quickly stepping in to replace general stanley mcchrystal who resigned after those controversial remarks he made to rolling stone magazine. petraeus is in charge of turning around an increasingly deadly war at a critical time. he was just months -- he has just months, i should say, to convince both the afghan people and neighboring nations that the u.s. is committed to keeping al-qaeda out of that country. major garrett is live from the white house for us now. we all know june was the deadliest month of the afghan war, major, one of the issues facing u.s. forces, those rules of engagement. wh
tries to push the reset button on u.s. relations with israel. will this go around with prime minister benjamin netanyahu be any different? this hour the talks, the tension, and the struggle for middle east peace. >>> also, the psychological toll of the gulf oil spill. a new move to make sure that bp helped victims of mental stress. >>> and the british royals may be watching their pennies but that's not stopping the queen from making a whirlwind trip to new york. wolf blitzers off today. i'm suzanne malveaux and you're in "the situation room." >>> new move today by israel setting the stage for tomorrow's high stakes talks between benjamin netanyahu, the prime minister, and president obama. now, israel is announcing a change in its controversial blockade policy to allow more goods into gaza but at the same time israel is refusing to apologize to turkey for an israeli raid on an aid ship to gaza that killed nine turkish citizens. i want to bring in our white house correspondent dan lothian. dan, it almost seems like groundhog's day. there have been so many visits between netanyahu and pr
the spiritual stronghold in kandahar is behind schedule. experts say the u.s. and nato forces don't get the key intelligence they need to target the taliban fighters. 102 coalition forces died in june. even with better intelligence in kandahar, those numbers are sure to increase. >> in the short term, casualties will go up. i'm convinced we can succeed and will succeed in kandahar is the key area. if we succeed there, we will succeed in the rest of this struggle. >> reporter: south carolina republican lindsey graham put petraeus' burden more succinctly. >> this is our last best to win. >> reporter: they might need new rules of engagement, but experts say don't give troops enough flexibility amongst enemies hiding amongst civilians. >> change how quickly people make decisions in allowing a soldier to engage a target or the soldier to be supported with heavier cap ber weaponry -- caliber weaponry such as 50 caliber indirect fire artillery or aviation-related assets to help him win the fight. >> reporter: petraeus told lawmakers who travel to afghanistan the rules classified for security reasons a
they assume that the u.s. is going to pull out? >> i believe many in the taliban leave that the u.s. will pull out. that is what they tell the afghan villagers. they often comment that the americans have their watches, but we have the time. that means, they do not have a time line. that is their home. they have nowhere else to go. immediately after 9/11 in afghanistan working with our afghan allies, i was often asked, are you going to stick with us this time? referring to our promises made during the soviet occupation when we told the afghans that after we win this together we will be here with you. we will be your to help you redevelop your country. the afghans remember that and they're wondering if we're going to stick with them. and not just the u.s., but the global community of nations. are we with the afghans in developing this pro-democracy? and i do not have the answer. at the time i told them, yes, we are with you. today, based on the political atmosphere, i do not know the answer. >> have we gained any credibility on that score? >> notte when the president announces a time line for wi
as the eastern u.s. bakes in the summer sun. >>> good morning, we're glad you're with us on this monday. after 2 1/2 months and no end in sight, the price tag for the worst environmental disaster in history keeps growing for bp. >> company has now said it has spent $3 billion trying to plug the hole, paying claims to reimbursing the government. and this morning, more of the gulf is closed to fishing. >> 81,000 square miles now off-limits as bad weather keeps many of the oil skimmers in port. matt gutman reports. >> reporter: as the oil gushes, bp is hemorrhaging cash. $1 billion a month on the cleanup alone. abc news learned that the embattled company has demand its 22 minority partners in this botched well pitch in and pay $400 million for the month of may alone. june hasn't been tallied. and having lost half of its stock value since the spill, the company is scanning reportedly for investors all of that as this well shoots 1 million gallons of oil into the gulf today a day. and to clean it up, the world's largest skimmer continues to proul the gulf for oil. bp and the coast guard will decide i
changed. >> the u.s. vice-president has urged iraqi politicians to form a coalition to end the deadlock that has left the country without the government. it has been four months since iraq's inconclusive elections. iran has accused some gulf states of refusing to provide fuel for their airliners. a senior aviation official says that the action has greatly increased the cost of such flights. german officials deny any such fuel ban. a strike over fuel price increases has disrupted normal life across much of the country in india. many schools and businesses were closed. a court in beijing has sentenced an american geologist born in china to eight years in prison. convicted of stealing state secrets, detained in 2007 after negotiating the sale of a publicly available oil industry data base for his employer's. >> for 2.5 years this chinese american geologist has languished in captivity. saying he has been tortured, burned, it on the head by interrogators. monday his lawyers and sister arrived to hear the long-delayed verdict. because of china's secrecy laws, it is enough to see him convicted
are spending the july fourth holiday with u.s. troops in iraq. the two presided over a ceremony for new citizens in baghdad this morning. more than 200 u.s. service mens were sworn in as american citizens. there was an attack at the u.s. embassy in baghdad. there were no injuries or damage reported from the shelling. >>> u.s. troops in afghanistan have a new top commander. general david petreaus has taken command in the wake of general stanley mcchrystal's unexpected departure. connor powell has the det >> reporter: general petreaus russ assumes the top spot in afghanistan. nato and afghan officials must work together to defeat a stiffen my. >> we must demonstrate to the people and to the taliban that afghan and isap forces are here to safeguard the afghan people and that we are in this to win. that is our clear objective. >> reporter: petreaus will not make major strategy changes. his predecessor general mccriticism was fired after making unflattering comments in a rolling stone magazine. >> no one did more in helping get the inputs right than general mcchrystal. >> reporter: gop leade
supplier of fuel to the u.s. military. for more up to the minute coverage of the disaster in the gulf, head to fox news to the come. we have every angle covered on the spill. efforts to contain and it details on how you can help. that's at fresh fall-out today for the rnc chairman michael steele after his controversial comments about afghanistan. and some members of his own party are questioning whether he can even keep his job. all because of a tape that surfaced showing steele's comments at a connecticut fundraiser last week. somebody asked him about how president obama is handling the war in afghanistan. listen to how he replied. >> this was a war of obama's chzing. this is not something that the united states had actively prosecuted or wanted to engage in. well, if he's such a student of history, has he not understood that you know, that's the one thing you don't do is engage in a land war in afghanistan? all right? because everyone who has tried over a thousand years of history, has failed. >> jon: did you hear what he said at the beginning there that afghanistan was a war
of indoor fire. >> reporter: he got a demonstration of a security alert as loud speakers sounded at the u.s. embassy in baghdad after what was described a small explosion in the heavily fortified green zone. the vice president called on lawmakers to form a government which includes all the main political blocks. >>> five after the hour. time for another "living $mart" report. jessica doyle is here with a look at world markets. we're on holiday in the states. want the rest of the world? a mixed picture overnight. and we have a day off today. traders are of course taking a day off in honor of the 4th of july holiday and probably a good thing investors are getting time off, as well. given the performance the u.s. market has put in lately. the dow fell for the seventh session in a row on friday. for the week the key averages fell between 5 to 6%. >>> a consumer alert this morning involving buy son meat. rocky mountain natural meats issued a recall for 66,000- pounds of the meat. it is linked to e. coli illness and six people in colorado and new york. it was sold between may 21st and may 27th. >
converted and it actually came into u.s. waters about a week ago last friday and couldn't have been used earlier. it's just manufactured and brought into the gulf. >> one of the things that the guy in charge of this company says is that it can produce 15 million gallons of oily water a day. seems like a tremendous amount. do you think it can really hit that number? >> well, i'd be very surprised if it hits that number. that's the theoretical capacity. that assumes calm water and thick oil all the time. but even if you're getting 10%, that's a big step in the right direction and it can work 24 hours a day on scene, all the time. doesn't have to worry about the heavy weather. may not allow it to collect oil as effectively as calm weather but the ship doesn't have to come in and if properly managed, can be skimming 24 hours a day. i have hopes to help an awful lot in getting oil off the surface offshore before the oil comes on shore and causes more damage. >> professor, since we heard a little barking there at the beginning, man's best friend, obviously, what kind of dog do you have? >> it
and supported by the u.s.. >> i recall that comment from bush. immediately after he gave that speech he came to a studio in new york at the embassy. my crew had him on this program. we interviewed him shortly after that speech. it was a fascinating day to talk to him. >> in the film we have kirschner, his friend. he says that he likes to go chavez as a friend, but he needs to think about a successor. right now the system needs to be made sure it works. >> that does not bother you? that he is setting himself up to be like castro? >> there is always an norris scrooge -- enormous scrutiny on the election. not only do they have an electronic balances, but at the same time they have two groups. far better than florida in 2000. there was a 75% turnout. better than obama. >> whe is putting off referendums. saying that he once had a third term. is hard going down there. i will not say that it is easy, but i will give you an example. he fires people that are his friends because of corruption. sometimes you get a post in the government position and you steal. the moment they get fired they go to the p
of the u.s. administration on aging. administration on aging. [ female announcer ] try olay's award winning body wash. tone enriching ribbons. two separate ribbons. the white cleanses. the gold moisturizes with a touch of mineral shimmer to enhance skin's tone. olay tone enriching bodywash. for skin that shimmers. >>> we are learning about a major twist in the missing person case involving a young boy from oregon. there are reports that the step mother may have tried to hire a hit man to kill her husband. terry horman allegedly paid a landscaper to kill her husband and he has been in touch with police. >> the landscaper assisted police and agreed to have a further conversation with terry horman which was recorded by investigators. >> she became suspicious during that conversation and did not share more information. investigators informed the father and cheap -- he filed for divorce >>> a new super tanker could make a giant difference in the fight against the gulf oil spill. "the whale" is an oil skimming vessels. . bp is gushing money as well as oil. >> it is now 8 $3 billion oil spill and
and state secrets. the geologist was detained in 2007 after arranging the sale of the oil industry -- to u.s. employers. it was classified as a state -- their allegations it was classified as a state secret only after it was sold. poland seems to have voted in favor of improving relations with the rest of the european union and russia. it was a cliffhanger but moderate conservative komorowski appears to be the next polish president. the vote was triggered by the death in a plane crash of the twin brother of the previous president earlier this year. secretary of state hillary clinton arrived in the georgian capital. he will be working to assure the president that he has the american support. at the same time have to be careful not to antagonize russia. the two neighbors brought a -- fought a brief war two years ago. she flew in from armenia where she has been holding talks about efforts to resolve the long- running territorial disputes with neighboring azerbaijan. a 12-hour strike against rising fuel prices is paralyzing business and other services in parts of india. walkout have been organiz
with a surprise trip on to iraq and there he met with u.s. troops and also took the opportunity to push iraqi leaders to end an election inpass. but in the show of the kind of instability still raging in that country, bombings stole some of the focus. for more on that, we want to say good morning to tracie potts. she's in washington. >> reporter: we actually saw two mortar rounds hit inside the green zone while he was there. no major damage or no one hurt we're told. as a result of that. but as you mentioned, vice president biden was there for a couple of reasons. he ralliey rallied the troops ao met with iraqi leaders trying to break the political stalement that's been going on since their elections on march 7th hoping that they will -- encouraging them to form a coalition government. he said that the u.s. will support democracy, but that our nation nor should any other nation interfere with the process. >> now there's a new parliament has been seated and when the new government is formed, it will mark something absolutely extraordinary. a peaceful transition of power encompassing all the pe
and investors in the face of this uncertainty, whether it's the global economy or here in the u.s. where we're not seeing much of a job creation. >> we need to have diversification. you need treasury bonds. people hated treasury bonds at the beginning of this year. they're up 6%, 7%, the market is down 8%. you need a little bit of commodities, maybe in the form of gold. we're not super bullish on gold, it's run up so fast. we are nervous bulls about gold. you need to have managed futures. you need real diversification, maria. you need industry diversification and emerging markets have done poorly this year. they're down each more than the u.s. stock market. the u.s. is down 8% and the emerging markets are down 8%, 9%, 10%, 11% with china down 27% now, but you need to basically do that and take this time to upgrade the quality of the portfolio. an asset that people love to dump on is cash. it doesn't give you any yield, but you protect yourself and so you want to have three things to be successful in investing right now, diversification, rebalancing and risk management. pay attention to risk
, will be able to form a government. you know, the context of this, lynn, of course, is that u.s. forces are drawing down and that they continue on schedule. there will be no combat forces left there by the end of the next month. it's a little ironic that vice president biden was there promoting this unity government. it was senator biden before the 2008 election who first put forward the idea of partial or sort of quasi partition of iraq among the kurds, shiites and sunnis and now the fourth visit as vice president to iraq trying to encourage these leaders, prime minister, others, president to get it to get it together and form the government. when he was there, of course, he met with u.s. troops at a mess hall there. a dining hall. he was there, also, to attend a naturalization ceremony. there you see it there with general odierno. they wear the uniform and now -- shaking hands at that moment becoming u.s. citizens on the fourth of july. there was that scare. we should mention, lynn, when there were explosions. some sort of projectile hitting the ground within the green zone. the very
sreenivasan in our news room. >> 3 u.s. troops and a british soldier were killed by roadside booms in afghanistan today t that made a dozen international troops to die in the first five days of july. meanwhile, leading u.s. senators warned americans just expect more such days. republican john mccain spoke in kabul. >> there are obviously obstacles that lie ahead. there will be more difficulty times in the short-term. casualties will go up. but i'm convinced we can succeed and will succeed in khandahar is obviously the key area and if we succeed there, we will succeed in the rest of this struggle. >> reporter: khandahar is a taliban stronghold. the planned offensive to seize the city has been delayed. the democratic republic of congo began two days of mourning today for at least 242 people killed in a tanker truck explosion on friday. more than 200 others were hurt. the truck tipped over near a site where people had gathered to watch the world cup soccer matches. dozens ran toward the truck and began scooping up fuel before the explosion. some 61 women and 36 children were among the
. ♪ >> reporter: for some u.s. soldiers working the front lines in iraq, this was a special fourth of july. a citizenship ceremony for foreign-born soldiers presided over by vice president joe biden. here at home, a day of parades like this one in historic philadelphia. a fife and drum corps at the national archives. and what would july fourth be without baseball? or the annual hot dog eating contest at nathan's in coney island. the winner, joey chestnut, 54 dogs and buns in 10 minutes. along the gulf coast, a more subdued holiday weekend. the beach crowds were absent. an uninvited guest, the biggest oil spill in u.s. history, spoiled the party. but for most of the country, the holiday spirit endured. larry jacobs, abc news. >>> cooling centers will be open in many parts of new york city today as forecasters predict a dangerous heat wave in the northeast. >> it could be the worst heat wave in 20 years. meteorologist ava dinges has the latest from accuweather. good morning, eva. >> good morning, jeremy and vinita. it was a sizzling fourth of july for many in the fourth east. in fact, centra
was misunderstood. >>> and in afghanistan this morning, u.s. forces are fighting under a new commander. general david petraeus said on the fourth of july that the u.s. and its allies are, quote, engaged in a contest of wills and he intends to win it. joel brown has more. >> reporter: the 130,000 troops in afghanistan have a new leader. >> we are in this to win. that is our clear objective. >> reporter: general david petraeus, form soon to command forces in kabul, taking oef from general stanley mcchrystal, fired last week after the general and his aides were quoted mocking the obama administration. >> we have arrived at a critical moment. >> reporter: petraeus says despite the change in command, the mission in afghanistan remains the same. >> we must help afghan leaders develop their security forces and governing capacity so they can over time take on the tasks of securing their country and see to the needs of their people. >> reporter: petraeus takes over as u.s. casualties are on the rise and support for the nine-year-old war shrinks back home. the general who led the surge in iraq will try t
, from sierra leone to south korea were sworn in as u.s. citizens in a naturalization ceremony in annapolis yesterday. america's newest citizens received thunderous applause after taking the oath at the william paca house, and joy filled the historic site. >> feeling great. i'm excited. i'm elated. i'm just so happy. >> nearly 4,000 people became new citizens across the country, letting out their american dream under the theme a spirit of i happened pence. >> city police are trying to figure out what led to two deadly overnight shootings within blocks of each other in east baltimore. investigators say 30-year-old jason rogers was found in the 1000 block of north patterson park avenue shortly after 1:00 sunday morning with multiple gunshot wounds. he was rushed to johns hopkins, where he was pronounced dead. and just a few hours earlier, police say a 23-year-old man was shot in the 1600 block of north fourth street. detectives say the victim suffered a gunshot wound to the head. he was also taken to johns hopkins, where he died. no word on a suspect or possible motive in either
's no better day to become an american than on the nation's birthday. nearly 4,000 candidates became u.s. sit zens at ceremonies across the country this fourth of july, including one in annapolis. deborah wiener has more. >> they came from different countries, from sierra leone to south korea. 40 of america's newest citizens emerged in a historical location at the william paca house, one of the signers of the declaration of independence. >> the purpose of a nation -- >> the purpose of a nation -- >> so help me god. >> so help me god. >> congratulations. >> naturalized on the nation's 234th birthday, wearing smiles that say so much. >> it's great. i'm excited. i'm elated. i'm just so happy. >> now they can take root in the country and vote for its leaders. >> i also encourage them to contribute and vote and to make this country theirs, because it is, just like every citizen,. it's their country and they need to make it work for them. >> it's like a dream come true, and it's too long. the day gives great moments to pledging allegiance to the flag, great meaning for relatives to enjoy. >> i came
the republican party. >> general pay try us said the u.s. in afghanistan to win. he has just months to show progress. president obama wants to start withdrawing troops starting next july. joe biden is urging iraqi politicians to help their wobbling democracy. iraq's political factions are no negotiating who will dictate the government. meanwhile, attacks in two cities left four people dead. on day 77 offer the oil disaster in the duh!. choppy seafoods have kept boats in important and t port. hasn't stopped the whale from completing another day of trials but in the meanwhile the current could carry it to beaches in miami and ft. lauderdale. next how the region marked the nation's birthday. downtown for the fireworks show and toyota's latest recall. >> now the forecast looking extremely hot and a damage has ( chirping, music ) ♪ pop-tarts®! i'll have a frosted strawberry... as an ice cream sandwich. ♪ chocolate fudge... on a stick please! ( crunch ) with the endless possibilities of kellogg's® pop-tarts, it's sure to be a picture perfect summer. pop-tarts®. made for fun™. my friends
was the pay master for the ten alleged russian agents arrested last week in the u.s. cyprus police said today they have metsos' laptop computer and some u.s.b. plug-in memory stick which is u.s. authorities have requested. meantime, an american geologist convicted of spying on china was sentenced to eight years in prison there today. chinese authorities say he was stealing state secrets when he gathered information about china's oil and gas wells. u.s. officials have called for his immediate release. still ahead on the "cbs evening news," the statue of liberty gave him goose bumps. an immigrant's love letter to america. and up next, the ripple effect. how the disaster in the gulf is hurting a secretary in los angeles. jirjs meet the recommended daily intake dults don't for all vitamins and minerals through diet alone. that's why there's... it helps provide key nutrients your body could be missing. one serving of boost contains twenty-six essential vitamins and minerals plus 10 grams of protein. these nutrients help promote bone health and muscle mass to help keep your body moving. achieve a b
to be making people feel comfortable, and people are invested in the u.s. for all kinds of reasons about our security and economic and political system, so why do we think we will get that kind of balance and the long run simply because we have a plan? >> that is a very good question, and we discussed that at our meeting a few weeks ago. a number of analysts think the austerity plan greece has agreed to will not work. for many analysts, it is not credible, and that seems to be wired it is not coming fears about three debt -- seems to be why it is not calming fears about greek debt. another issue of our advisers thought was important was the underlying economic nature of the country involve greater -- country involved. our treasury debt is viewed as an asset. when there are problems in the rest of the world, money tends to come here. our treasury rates are already pretty low, and that brings us to something we could easily model. in the discussion i had earlier, i tried to be vaguer, and she talked about the importance of a greater clarity. a very important aspect of recession in early recove
is unwinnable and not something the u.s. wanted to be engaged in. his comments were captured on you tube. >> this made angry, upset. >> those statements are wildly inaccurate. >> unacceptable comment. >> lindsay graham and john mccain said it's up to steal to de s decide if he's capable of leading party. >> general petraeus has months to show progress. president barack obama wants to withdrawal forces beginning next july. joe biden is urging rival iraqui politicians to select new leaders for wobbly democracy. he spoke to them during a surprise visit to the baghdad. they're still negotiated for will lead the government. meanwhile, attacks yesterday in two cities left four people dead. on day 77 in the oil disaster in the gulf. clean up the spill again. choppy seas have left boats in port. rough seas have not stopped the wail. the largest skim er to come breath another day of trials and oil is expected to now to enter a crept. the gulfstream could carry it toward pristine beaches up the east coast as well. still ahead on good morning washing top how the metro region marked the birthda
, and this is "fox news sunday." the general who turned around iraq takes command in afghanistan. will u.s. and nato forces change their war-fighting strategy? we'll have a report from the scene and talk to senator joe lieberman from afghanistan. also if not for the oil spill, this would be a money-making weekend all along the gulf coast, but, of course, it's not. we'll have an update on the spill and ask kenneth feinberg, the man in charge of the $20 billion b.p. compensation fund who will be paid, how much and when. plus, president obama slams republicans for blocking unemployment compensation, immigration and wall street reform. what is the g.o.p. response? we find out from south carolina senator jim demint. we'll ask the sunday group if a double-dip recession is in the future, what it could mean for the mid-term election and the president's agenda. all right now on the 4th of july edition of "fox news sunday." and hello again from fox news in washington. as we celebrate our independence today, we are following two stories, the huge oil spill in the gulf, which is having a terrible impact on the
. the pair visited a military dining hall and as u.s. forces prepare for withdrawal, mr. biden met with top iraqi officials. >> i really absolutely believe they're going to get a government and it's going to be a sustainable government. >> reporter: the bidens were also on hand when a group of foreign born u.s. troops were sworn in as american citizens. >> i hereby declare -- >> right now i'm a u.s. citizen, and i'm happy to be a u.s. citizen. >> reporter: but near the end of the visit, a scare. >> duck and cover. >> reporter: explosions were heard from somewhere nearby the u.s. embassy. nbc's andrea mitchell was there. >> reporter: iraqi police say five mortar rounds were fired near or at the embassy compound. but the vice president, officials say, was safe and no one was injured. >> reporter: and in afghanistan, a change in command. general david petraeus officially taking charge of allied forces after his predecessor general stanley mcchrystal resigned in the wake of controversy. general petraeus told troops the war is a test of wills with the taliban. >> and we are in this to win. that
in the city and across the u.s. >>> viollnce? if baltimore how the police plans to stop it over the weekend turned out. >>> following the perception following the oil spill for bp. >>> good morning you're taking a live look there along sandy state point park, a road that headed home from the beech from3 ú%e fourth of july weekend. so far so good.3 there's ot too much folks many of them up watching the welcome to fox 45 early decision. if you are up early you are probably working like e are. ú%ny pagnotti is here with the details. happy 5th of july to you. >> we are gging to ceeebrate mother nature.3 big cook oot. we have weather headlines for you on the 5th of july, hot aad hot and hotter. it's triple digits code red in effect. take it easy. our normal high should be 85 degrees. we melt that f course, here we go, 77 at the inner harbor, dew poiit is at 50. other state temperatures will be pushing 80 degrees by thh 8:00 houu. no ain. we need the rain, could useeto cool off but get the green. we will top out at 100 by 6:00, 97 degrees, cooling ddwn to 97 of the a hot 1 in baltimore aggi
the worst oil spill in u.s. history on the salt white sand of the florida panhandle, tourism dwindled to a third of usual. >> got here yesterday and it's beautiful. it's a relief that it's open. yesterday it was closed, but we are enjoying it. >> the story is the same for tourism around the gulf of mexico. >> we were relieved. all you hear is bad things. thought we would come and see something disgusting. >> half a world away, a grim warning for the gulf. 50 years of drilling and spills have left a legacy of oil. enough to coat your legs, leaving dead marshes. dead fish, unemployed fishermen and hungry children. >> my life is not okay because of the environment. >> in the gulf, there's no relief. stiff winds and choppy seas sidelined skimming boats. the world's largest skimmer ends two dais of tests inconclusively. the ship so big it dwor fs the titanic was not big enough to overcome high waves. there will be more tests tomorrow. bp's tab for that oil spill is now $3 billion. that's a billion a month. $33million a day. and every day, another million gallons of oil pours into the
in afghanistan, they are taking orders from a new leader today. general david petraeus took command of the u.s. and the native troops in the country in a special ceremony yes. he believes that 130,000 international forces. he mans on turning the war the same way they did in iraq. that it is more important now than ever to drive out the militants. >> we must demonstrate it the afghan people that al qaeda and their networks of the extremists will not be allowed to establish the sanctuaries in afghanistan. >>> the white house plans on pulling troops out starting one year from today. and one year from now, that is, some critics believe that will raise doubts about the u.s. commitment in afghanistan. >>> meanwhile, vice president joe biden is in baghdad. pushing iraqi leaders to patch up their differences and form a new government. and he be met with iraq's president today. the meeting focused on how to move the country's political process forward. he spent last night talking to other iraqi political leaders. he and his wife join u.s. troops in celebrating the 4th of july. >>> up next, why maryland
in afghanistan because everyone who has tried, over a thousand years of history, has failed. >> steele said the u.s. led effort in afghanistan was, quote, a war of obama's choosing. despite the fact obviously that it began 8 1/2 years ago under president george w. bush. fellow republicans calling the comments uninformed, unacceptable and a lot of other things. steve san tany is following it. it controversy isn't dying down. can michael steele survive? >> there's a lot of pressure on him. most members of congress are not calling for his resignation but are speaking out. here's senator john mccain and jd hayworth. >> mr. steele is going to have to assess as to whether he can still lead the republican party as chairman of the republican national committee and make an appropriate decision. >> a chairman has to promote the party. when the chairman becomes the certainly of controversy, a tough, uphill battle. >> others are condemning his remarks, including senators lindsey graham and jim demint. >> who is calling for his resignation. >> you have neoconservatives who have spoken out, including bill kristo
are in committee. some of the conditions are that you must have entered the u.s. before your 16th beth day, spent five consecutive years in america, graduated from high school or earned a g.e.d. qualified applicants would have six years to complete their college degree or serve two years in the military. and that brings us to our water cooler question of the day. how do you feel about a bill that gives teen immigrants a chance to become an american citizen? email your response to the time is 6:08, 69 degrees on tv hill. coming up -- the morning's financial news in the bloomberg business report. >> also ahead, a terminal at new york's j.f.k. airport is evacuated because of a bomb scare. details next. >> plus one month ago, a 7-year-old boy from oregon went missing, why police believe the boy is still alive. >> and i'm tony pann. obviously big-time heat is in the forecast, but beat let you know when the heat is going to break. >> welcome back. the time is 11 minutes after 6:00. things are pretty quiet this morning. there's a little bit of haze in the air, but the humidity ac
than on the nation's birthday. today nearly 4000 candidates became u.s. citizens in ceremonies across the country. including one in annapolis. >> they came from two dozen countries. from cameroon to canada, guatemalans that south korea. 40 of america's newest citizens at a historical location. >> congratulations. [applause] >> naturalized on the 244th birthday of america, wearing smiles that said so much. >> i am elated and so happy. >> now they can take root in the country. >> i encourage them to vote, contribute, and make this country there's. just like every citizen. >> it was like a dream come true. it is good to finally be a citizen after so long. >> one nation, under god. >> the day gives great meaning for relatives to enjoy. >> i came to this country in 1977. like my sister, i have become a citizen. >> they joined 3800 new citizens across the country. under the theme of a spirit of independence, living out their american dream this fourth of july. >> today president obama invited an american military family to the white house. >> on this day that is uniquely american, we are re
's economics but how it plays into the u.s. and then we're going to conclude our series, we've been looking at what we call states in the red, talking about various states and their economic condition. today, focusing on new hampshire. through a series of measures, has balanced its budget and we're going to take a look at that economy and what they did to do it. tom lay hi will be our guest for that discussion. that's a rundown on what we are going to do on the program today. for the remainder of our time we're going to talk about the 2010 election. clearwater, florida, laura on our republican line. caller: hi. thank you for your time. i just wanted to remind everybody that the democrats have controlled the senate and the house the last two years that bush was in the white house, and when obama took over everybody blaming the republicans. it's all their fault. they need to get back to the constitution. obama has quadrupled our deficit and he is trying to take over everything with national government. host: cleveland is next. texas, i should say. charlie go ahead. caller: cleveland, texas. h
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